What is the wood wool roof and how insulation

Wood wool roof insulation

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to insulation materials such as plastic and mineral wool types, wood wool can offer the solution you are looking for. This is a product that comes from sustainable forestry, as a residual product, it is later suitable for reuse. Wood wool roof insulation is characterized as an insulation material with excellent heat storage, it is a vapor-permeable material that also has acoustic damping. All the more reason to take a closer look at the properties and prices for wood wool roof insulation.



The wood fibers that serve as a raw material for wood wool roof insulation come from spruce trees that grow in Northern Europe under controlled conditions. Insulation plates are made by compressing these fibers. Supported products can be used to add specific properties to the plates, this can differ per brand and type. There are wood fiberboards available that are made based on completely natural materials and additives, there are also boards to which mineral salts are added that increase the fire and moisture resistance.


The wood fiber boards are excellent for insulating a roof. In addition to placing between the rafters, it is also possible to apply wood wool roof insulation as a shelter or insulation for the attic floor. The insulating properties are not only applicable in the winter to save energy costs, in the summer wood wool provides cooling because the heat is stored in the roof which is later slowly released again.

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  • Wood fiber boards are easy to cut or saw for custom solutions in the home.
  • Because no harmful fibers are released during processing, there is no risk of irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.
  • In addition to thermal insulation, wood wool roof insulation also has excellent acoustic properties.
  • Because wood wool can absorb moisture and release it later, it is a very versatile insulation material for a vapor-permeable construction.
  • With an insulation value between 0.038 and 0.045 W / mK, depending on the brand and type, the panels provide good insulation with only a limited thickness.


Not all types of insulation material can absorb moisture, and certainly not to release it later. With wood wool roof insulation, moisture can be stored in the fibers for a temporary period, later this moisture will gradually be released again. This makes it possible to make a so-called vapor-open roof construction.


When sustainability and ecologically sound insulation are high on the list of priorities, it is good to check the origin of the insulation material as well as the production method and the processing of the residual material. Wood is a renewable resource, so there will be no shortage of the basic material. The wood chips used in the production of the wood fiber boards come from trees grown in certified forests. These forests are located in Northern Europe and especially in Finland. Depending on the treatment that is applied to the wood wool roof insulation, substances are added, these are usually natural substances that are not harmful to the environment. If dust is released during the installation by sawing or breaking, this is not harmful to the persons performing the work. Inorganic insulation materials such as glass wool can irritate the respiratory tract, eyes and skin. After use, wood wool roof insulation can be completely reused for new applications.

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The costs for wood fiber boards differ based on brand, type and thickness. On average, the costs will be between 20 and 25 euros per square meter. The costs for installation can vary considerably per provider. It will therefore pay to compare offers from different providers. Various premiums and discounts apply to insulation work, by outsourcing the insulation to a professional contractor, these premiums can even be higher in several cases. So be well informed in advance before getting started.

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