‘This is madness’: Fans astounded after Hardik Pandya gets traded to MI and Cameron Green moves to RCB post IPL 2024 retention

Fans astounded after Hardik Pandya gets traded to MI and Cameron Green moves to RCB

In a surprising turn of events after the IPL 2024 retention, Hardik Pandya finds himself in the Mumbai Indians (MI) camp, while Cameron Green makes the switch to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). The unexpected news has left fans bewildered and engrossed in a whirlwind of emotions as they try to make sense of the dramatic shifts in team dynamics following the official retention announcements.

High expectations leading to retention day

It is worth mentioning that the anticipation had reached an all-time high in the days leading up to the retention announcements as the rumours swirling about high-profile player trades piqued the interest and curiosity of many fans.

One of the most talked-about speculations involved Hardik, supposedly being traded to MI in an all-money deal with fans being caught in a frenzy, engaging in debates and discussions fuelled by the possibility of star all-rounder re-donning the blue and gold jersey.

Hardik Pandya’s initial retention by Gujarat Titans

However, as the official retention process unfolded on Sunday (November 26), it became clear that the rumours were baseless as the Gujarat Titans (GT) officially retained Pandya, putting an end to the speculative chaos. Relief washed over Gujarat fans who had emotionally invested in the prospect of Hardik and the franchise over the past two years.

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Hardik moves to MI

Just when fans thought the rollercoaster ride had come to an end, reports of Pandya’s move to MI resurfaced, throwing everyone into a state of bewilderment.

Cameron Green makes the switch to RCB

Adding to the madness, it was revealed that Cameron Green of MI would be making the switch to RCB to accommodate Hardik. The unexpected player swap not only raised eyebrows but also left fans questioning the motives behind such a surprising move.

Reports further suggested that the transfer of Pandya to MI came with financial implications, leaving Mumbai Indians with a minimal purse value. The sudden change in team composition and the financial intricacies surrounding the move left fans scrambling for answers, further intensifying the buzz on social media platforms.

Unsurprisingly, fans took to social media to express their astonishment and confusion. Memes, tweets, and posts flooded the internet, reflecting the emotional rollercoaster that cricket enthusiasts were experiencing. The unpredictability of the IPL retention process had fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting official statements from the franchises involved.

Here’s how fans reacted:

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