Rob Key Reveals Why David Willey Wasn’t Offered National Contract

England’s Director of Cricket Rob Key talked about why David Willey wasn’t offered the national cricket. He said that they want young bowlers in their setup and his retirement from international cricket was the last nail in his coffin. 

England all-rounder David Willey called his retirement from international cricket after the team was eliminated from the ICC World Cup 2023. He mentioned that he’s calling time on his career because he didn’t get a national contract there’s no fun in playing if he doesn’t have it. 

This raised quite a few eyebrows as David Willey has been a consistent performer for the team in the white-ball cricket. He played a crucial role for the team in the World Cup as well. Despite him being a pivotal player for the team, he failed to receive the contract. 

Rob Key has now finally revealed that about why David Willey didn’t get a national contract. He said that they want a new era in English cricket before adding that young players have got the contract and will train for the India series. Speaking to Sky Cricket, he explained: 

“You always look back whether you are right or wrong, you look back at the things and unfortunately for David Willey, I would. We are going to the point now where these central contracts, where we’ve got 26 + 3 development contracts, all of those young bowlers, they are not on the same money, they are just about to go to the UAE. 

“Next year of English cricket is going to revolve. It’s not going to Stuart Broad, James Anderson and those guys who are going to take us into the next era, it’s going to be the next generation, who are all on these contracts. They all are going to UAE, they all will work there and get ready for India and whatever else it is. We want bowlers who can bowl in every phase.” 

That was the last nail in the coffin for him – Rob Key On David Willey 

Rob Key further added that they want young bowlers who can bowl at any stage of the game and compete with all the top bowlers. While talking about David Willey, he pointed out that he didn’t have to retire but he’s pleased that he got his send-off. He elaborated: 

“We’ve got to have bowlers who will compete with Jasprit Bumrah, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood and others. We want to have guys who can rack up 85 miles at any stage of the game. So we are always going to get to a point where we are David Willey. I’m really pleased that he got his send-off. 

“In the past, I saw an interview, where he’s saying he’s always thinking of retirement. He got the call for the World Cup and then he retired, he didn’t have to. That was the last nail in the coffin for him. That’s fine, it’s a good end for him and I’m pleased. You talk about contracts, it made him play better,” he concluded. 

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