Netizens react hilariously as popular Indian editor photoshops Mayanti Langer and Sunil Gavaskar’s trousers – ODI World Cup 2023

Mayanti Langer and Sunil Gavaskar

The ODI World Cup 2023 has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts with its thrilling encounters on the field and sparked further excitement due to their dynamic presenters. The tournament has became a big spectacle not just for the cricketing action but also for the engaging and charismatic personalities who bring the matches to life.

Amid the ongoing fervour, Mayanti Langer, one of the notable presenters for the ongoing World Cup, has drawn considerable social media attention for her attire during the coverage of the India vs New Zealand semifinal at the Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday.

Sunil Gavaskar-Mayanti Langer coverage

During the intense first knockout clash in Mumbai, Mayanti was seen providing coverage alongside Indian cricket veteran Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar donned blue trousers paired with a white shirt in a stylish ensemble. Meanwhile, Mayanti opted for a fashion-forward look, a blue blazer with a mini skirt. Their contrasting styles added a vibrant touch to the broadcast, sparking conversations and mixed reactions on social media.

Mentioning about the game, the Men in Blue emerged victorious over the Black Caps by a hefty margin of 70 runs, sealing their place in the finals, where they will take on Australia at the Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday (October 19).

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The hilarious photoshop

In a surprising turn of events, a famous Indian photo editor named Krishna ticked netizens’ funny bones by playfully photoshopping Gavaskar’s trousers with Mayanti’s skirt. Renowned for his cricketing prowess, the former Indian cricketer found himself in an unexpected spotlight as his trousers became the canvas for the editor’s playful creativity.

The edited images, featuring Mayanti and Gavaskar with conspicuously altered bottom wears, spread like wildfire across various social media platforms.

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Here’s how fans reacted:


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