It’s Unnecessary – Wasim Akram Reacts To Pitch Controversy In India vs New Zealand Semi-Final Clash

A British newspaper has alleged that the BCCI is interfering with the ICC to manipulate the conditions in favor of India. The head groundsman at the ICC, Atkinson mentioned that the India Vs New Zealand semi-final is going to happen on a fresh pitch but the pitch that is being used has already hosted two matches before the semi-finals.

Former Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram mentioned that this should be the last thing in the Indian Cricket Team’s mind and they would be unaware of the fact that something like this is happening around. However, Akram also mentioned that the news is credible.

“It should be the last thing on the Indian Cricket Team’s mind, I don’t think that it will be in their conscience but if this is happening, it’s credible news because someone has written a proper article and has mentioned the mail in that as well,” Akram stated.

Watch – Wasim Akram Feels These Things Are Unnecessary Given India Is A Strong Team

Akram also talked about ICC head groundsman Atkinson’s statement where he said that the semi-final will be played on a fresh pitch to make sure that winning the toss doesn’t give a lot of advantage to one side. However, the pitch on which the match is being played has already seen two matches. Wasim Akram also said that these things are unnecessary if it is happening as India is already a strong team and does not need any unfair advantage to win the game. They already have all the bases covered.

“The head groundsman of ICC, Atkinson said that the pitch number seven or whatever is a fresh pitch. The idea of a fresh pitch is to make sure that it doesn’t favor anyone after winning the toss and that both teams get equal opportunities on the pitch. This pitch has already seen two matches, so I agree with you and I hope that the other panelists will agree that there is no need for this, it is just unnecessary. I don’t know who is doing this, they have said so and they have their entire base covered,” said Wasim Akram.

There are many speculations as to why the pitch was changed but these don’t mean any foul play in favour of India. A pitch is meant for both teams, it is both India and New Zealand will play on a used surface and a toss is something that can go either side so this does not mean that India is being favored by the ICC for the semi-finals in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

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