Tips for How to Properly Maintain Parquet

How to properly maintain your parquet

Best 3 Practical Tips for Maintaining your Parquet

Parquet, a particularly elegant floor covering, requires regular maintenance. To help you always keep it as new as it was on the first day, here are 3 practical tips for you.

Avoid washing your parquet with a lot of water

To wash the parquet, you must avoid letting the water stagnate. This could damage it and cause the blades to swell. For efficient and risk-free cleaning, you can simply use a slightly damp mop or just vacuum. If water alone does not seem to suit you, you can mix a little vinegar and 2 caps of natural soap in 2 liters of water. This will give you an ecological solution for cleaning.

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Frequently pass a protective layer on your parquet

Whatever type of parquet you have, you must make sure to iron a layer of protection. Normally this should be done every 6 months. But, if the time or the means do not allow it, you can do it once a year. If your parquet is vitrified, you should instead opt for polish and not varnish. The polish will be easier to remove scratches and restore shine to your parquet.

Properly clean each type of parquet

All floors are not made of the same materials. They can be vitrified, oiled, or waxed. And in these cases, they are more or less very fragile. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure to clean them once a week with a vacuum cleaner. A slightly damp microfiber mop could also do the trick. Unless they become dull, these types of floors do not need any product for their cleaning. However, cleaning should be lighter. They should never be rubbed, and no abrasive products (bleach, vinegar, or alcohol) or sponge should be used.

By following these tips, you will have a parquet that is always shiny and smooth in all circumstances.

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