How to organize furniture in the living room

Organize Furniture In The Living Room

Those who consider the issue of furniture placement are not important, they are very wrong. You cannot mindlessly dock the corners of its elements, “if it were convenient.” The fact is that furniture is one of the main elements of the design of the room.

And it affects the appearance of the room, it is not its pomposity or its high cost. Unrecognizable changing the space can and the most budgetary furniture, the main thing is to tastefully pick it up and find each item in the right place. 

It is especially important to be able to do this in so-called “public” rooms, where there are not only members of the household. Let’s ask ourselves about how to place furniture in the living room, with professional designers.

The role of furniture in zoning the living room

The role of furniture in zoning the living room

The living room is considered the most “active” room in the house. In addition, everyone here likes to sit at night with the whole family, talking about the day before or simply relaxing in front of the television, so in this same space, guests are accepted.

From this, it follows that the room must be planned in such a way that it is very comfortable to do, and for this, it will be necessary to organize at least three areas in it:

  1. Dining room
  2. Reception
  3. Resting place.

Since the rooms are usually assigned to the rooms with the largest area, then problems with the zoning problem do not arise. In order not to break the tyagaya forces of square rooms garniturnaja sections and upholstered furniture, every rational idea that results in how to organize the furniture in the living room, to capture on paper and even from sketches to choose the best option.

Think about where you would like to put the television, where to place the dining group, and under which wall to build the headset. In the figure, it should represent everything, even the location of the flowers and accessories. This will be of great help in future designs.

Now let’s look at the possible places to organize the zones. The rest corner is best equipped to equip there, where the lighting in the room is the least intense. A bright light should not disturb people at rest. In this part of the living room, there is usually a deep and cozy sofa or armchairs. Nearby is the audio or TV system. It is covered in a soft, unobtrusive light, which can radiate from a wall lamp or elegant floor lamps.

The place under the dining room, on the contrary, stands out in the most illuminated part of the room. Most often, the table is placed under a chandelier in the center of the living room. However, in the case when the room does not differ in special spaces, with oversized objects, cluttering its center will not be entirely correct. In this situation, the dining room group should approach the window.

The way you organize the furniture in the reception area in the living room will indicate the layout of the room and its area. Indeed, in the reception room of guests of any size, it is undesirable to fill the space with large cabinets.

If you think that without a traditional wall you can’t do without it, get yourself some headphones with shallow sections. This is enough to put books and services on your shelves. From the accessories in the living room may appear:

  1. Floor vases
  2. Beautiful lamps.
  3. Elegant coasters for flowers etc.

Properly arranged furniture will provide a lot of space in the room. You should be able to easily rearrange the table or move the sofa, if necessary, and access to the shelves should be.

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How to organize furniture in the living room

organize furniture in the living room

To create an attractive atmosphere in the living room, you can approach the problem from several sides.

Option One

1. Freeing up space Feel free to clean up all excess furniture. In the living room of any type, whether large, small, or non-standard, there should be only a few large pieces of furniture, which will be complemented by smaller elements of the situation, such as a coffee table, puffet, etc. 

The task of the latter is to provide the conditions for comfortable rest (in the room there should be where to sit and what to put drinks on) without cluttering the passages. If you decide to choose such a large piece of furniture for your living room, such as a sofa, an armchair, and a bookcase, try to make sure that all the items are in the same color solution. 

Diverting attention from dimensional elements and making the situation interesting will help coffee and coffee tables, which, apart from the decorative function, will be in full demand for purely practical purposes.

How to arrange furniture in non-standard living rooms, it is better to look at thematic sites. It is very important not to miss anything so that the room is not perceived too close or does not open.

Freeing up space Feel free to clean up all excess furniture

2.  Create an accent point. In principle, such a focal point should be in any room. In fact, it can be any object that is in the room or even an entire part of its area. The arrangement of other furniture will be made in relation to the created spotlight. This approach will not allow the interior to look sloppy and guests sitting in such a living room will never feel uncomfortable. 

An excellent focal point can be a fireplace, window, or TV. Around them is to arrange the seats, and put them not at a right angle, but a little with a twist towards the accent point. How to organize the furniture in the living room, if it does not have an accent point? 

Just arrange a place to socialize. To do this, it is quite symmetrical to arrange the existing furniture. The especially attractive interior will not work, But the situation can be corrected by focusing on some high-quality furniture, such as a bookcase. In the atmosphere, visual harmony will appear.

Create an accent point

3.  Form the passages. If you push all the chairs and sofas close to the walls, the room will turn cold and you can easily forget about the pleasant pastime. Separate the sofa, create a more intimate space. Designers in this regard even have a whole “instruction”, how to arrange furniture in the living room according to distances, but not blindly follow. You can put the furniture on or closer to what it says. Your preferences should also be taken into account. Furniture in the living room should not be stacked on top of each other. 

Between them, there must be at least one subway passage. If there are energetic children living in the house, they simply cannot do without additional space for games, so the passages can be made and 1m 20cm. Move the sofa away from the wall.

Move the sofa from the wall, this will visually increase the space of the living room

4. Arrange the furniture comfortably for you. Here, in this regard, only your wishes will be important, but if you live in a house not alone, then the rest will have to adjust them with a vision of the situation in the room. How to arrange furniture in the living room in the “right” places, once again, will tell about the achievements of the design. In them, it is recommended to place coffee tables from the seats to sit at a distance of 45 cm.

However, if there are tall people in their homes, then this distance should be increased. And, conversely, for the “short-haired” residents of your home, you can move the table closer to the chair. Near the sofa, as a supplement, it can appear on both sides of the chair. But don’t “sculpt” them on the side panels. Move the chairs by half a meter. Such a distance is sufficient to allow you to approach objects from all sides. How to arrange furniture in relation to the TV in the living room – it is difficult to advise.

Here you have to take into account a large number of parameters: both the size of the room, the quality of the view, and your personal preferences.

We can unequivocally say only one thing: according to hygiene standards, the seats must be separated from the screen by a distance equal to three lengths of the latter’s height. That is, if your TV is 50 cm high, the sofa or armchairs must be at least one and a half meters. both the size of the room, the quality of the view, and your personal preferences.

We can unequivocally say only one thing: according to hygiene standards, the seats must be separated from the screen by a distance equal to three lengths of the latter’s height. That is, if your TV is 50 cm high, the sofa or armchairs must be at least one and a half meters. both the size of the room, the quality of the view, and your personal preferences.

We can unequivocally say only one thing: according to hygiene standards, the seats must be separated from the screen by a distance equal to three lengths of the latter’s height. That is, if your TV is 50 cm high, the sofa or armchairs must be at least one and a half meters.

The TV, fixed on the wall, will save space in the living room

5. You need a calming interior: use symmetry. The symmetrical arrangement of objects always looks clean. In such a room, it is easy to relax. Here, nothing prevents you from working quietly or resting your brains. Creating a design with bilateral symmetry is not difficult.

For this, it is enough to draw an imaginary line through the center of the room and make the situation a half mirror image to the other. Very often this materializes in practice in this way. Placed in front of two sofas, between them, in the side passages, they place chairs, and the center of the composition forms a coffee table. The same effect will produce a smooth L-shaped corner, with a table in the center.

Two-sided symmetry living room design

6. How to organize the furniture in the living room to bring diversity to the environment? Here the only asymmetry will help. Decorate the room with completely different furniture, let their sides differ in all details. This will make the interior lively and interesting. I don’t like the obvious asymmetry – make it hidden. Even the most discreet strokes will make the room more pleasant.

What can be done? Try to place the bookcase not in the center of the wall, but only in the corner. If this seems too intrusive, smooth things over with a couple of photos hanging in front of the closet.

If many people are not going to gather in the living room, then make an L-shaped resting place, accentuating with this seating arrangement to sit the third, the opposite side. In this case, the entrance must be located on a fourth free wall. Asymmetry of this type is very practical in everyday life.

Monochromatic living room with asymmetrical arrangement of furniture

7. Display each piece of furniture in person. Bring them into the room neatly, without dragging them across the floor. We need to start with the most ready-to-go stuff. This will help you navigate, organize the rest of the furniture in the living room, and if necessary adjust your plans for this.

If you want to add some new items to the environment, before you buy, distribute the ones that are already available, and your wish may be lost.

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Option Two

“How fast to organize the furniture in the living room to meet the guests? Add light elements to the situation»

1. Make even a small living room space. Multifunctional objects will help you in this. Their presence will help to quickly organize the space for the reception of guests. In the usual environment, such furniture is also not idle. Transformers help to diversify the interior, and you can do it every day.

Table-transformer in the interior of the living room

2. Put in the living room a divisible combined sofa, in the design of which there is a footrest. Combine the objects. Using its different combinations, you can solve the most incredible interior tasks.

3. How fast to organize the furniture in the living room for the guest gathering? Add light elements to the environment. For example, it is very easy to send chairs to the part of the room where the guests have gathered.

If you are a fan of cumbersome upholstered furniture, put a small sofa or a couple of armchairs in the living room. The situation will be much more comfortable and they will not require much space.

Armchairs and armchairs for guests

4. There will be no oppressive effect, which will lead to claustrophobia in living rooms, in which the furniture is selected at approximately the same height. The height of the low tables can be increased by placing books on the table.

5. Add mirrors It is no secret that visual space creates the illusion of the presence of additional space. Its property to reflect and scatter light currents is very useful in dimly lit rooms, where the sun’s rays rarely enter the window.

The mirror placed perpendicular to the window will make the living room more clear

6. Do not interfere with the penetration of daylight. Do not cover the windows with thick curtains. Better to hide it behind the tulle. In a very sad situation, the lighting problem will help solve fluorescent lamps.

7. Replace standard furniture with glass or non-removable. Tables, shelves, glass shelves in combination with transparent arches and doors will also open the space for the eyes. How to organize such furniture in the living room, can be seen on specialized sites

The glass table brings lightness and airiness to the interior

8. Fewer extremes. Do not use purely neutral or too intense tones in the decoration. Warmth and lightness bring with them soft colors in a cool blue or neutral beige spectrum.

Since changing furniture is an expensive business, get a compromise and start changing the situation with the introduction of furniture covers, cushions, and pillows. If possible, change the general background, pasting the wallpaper, or repainting the walls.

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Option Three

“Answering questions such as how, where and what type of furniture to place in a spacious living room, experts recommend giving preference to angular versions of designs”

A large room should also try to be cozy, and this, sometimes, is not easy at all.

1. Decorate the room with furniture in general, but low. With their help, it is not difficult to divide the space into functional parts and make it suitable for permanent residence. Answering questions about how and where to place furniture in a spacious living room, experts recommend giving preference to angular versions of structures. Soft corners of this type can even become the center of the room, serving as a zone delimiter, however, their low backs will not block the line of sight and distract the central composition.

Soft corner sofa in the interior of the living room

2. The rectangular space is more correctly divided into squares. They are always perceived more favorably on the visual level.

3. When dividing the space into zones, the latter cannot be correlated according to the functional, the main thing is not to break the unity of its perception, and this is completely solved by the play of colors.

Contrasting color sofa visually distinguishes the living room

4. Fill spacious living rooms with general furniture. Instead of a small coffee table, put a puffed pouf, expand the aisles between the chairs and sofas. All these measures in the complex will bring comfort. In order not to suffer, placing miniature soft furniture in the living room, it is easier to change it to luxurious residential corners, preferably a removable structure. Then you can unfold your elements so that the furniture is comfortable to use in a particular situation.

For example, you are going to sleep, place the sofa, transforming it into a spacious bed. If you and your friends decide to watch soccer, grab a corner in comfortable chairs and turn it to the screen. In general, improvise, the benefit of modern furniture allows.

Dive deep into the walls

5. In a spacious living room there should not be an empty space. Help him get rid of environmental accessories and decorations. The void in the wall can be veiled by a large image. If the house has only small reproductions, it does not matter. Place them so that the mini gallery is created. It will be very effective.

Then to fill corners and empty places, except, how to organize furniture in them in a living room Think high-growing houseplants. They bring with them freshness and visual interest. Previously empty and annoying places will now attract the attention of guests.

For the living room, floor type plants

Fill the tables with original accessories. Put on them a decorative sculpture, unusual figures, ceramics. Small objects are sure to draw attention to themselves. Try not to overload the surface, they must remain decently free of space, so that they remain functional. It will be enough to put 1-3 elements.


Having carefully thought about how to place furniture in the living room, you will not only create an attractive interior but also make the room truly multifunctional and practical. This is the best way to take care of not only customizing your own preferences but creating absolute comfort for everyone who comes to your home. So, experiment!

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