How to make curtains for living room step by step from your home

curtains for living room

Welcome, today we will talk about how to make curtains for living room so that you can decorate your home.

The curtains for living room are very beautiful and if you make them yourself I assure you, they will be great because the curtains are very easy to make.

Normally curtains are used for windows, but if you think that your door also needs a curtain, do not hesitate and start making them.

make curtains for living room

You must take into account that there are many ways to make curtains, there are short and long.

Sliding or just a single curtain.

Some people use sets of curtains where three curtains of the same set are placed in the room.

For example the other white edges in the center of blue.

Everything will depend on your taste, in the same way, there are curtains that only with the colors or the fabric look very simple.

Other curtains need another or another option to give them more life.

That other option can be a valance that is easy to do and makes your curtains look great.

Another option to give life to your curtains is faralao because this is very practical and is attached to the curtain.

The faralao can be a separate color, even a different fabric.

In reality, there are many ideas, there are also tapes that are attached for a crease, the number of things that can be done for the curtains is many.

If you make curtains of two for a window, you can make them some fasteners, which you tie and make a loop and they will remain open and fastened.

Materials you need to make your curtains for living room

make your curtains for living room

Tape measure, fabric depending on the measurements, sewing thread, pins, sewing machine.

Straight ruler to measure, clothes iron, tube or rod to hang your curtains.

Marker, card stock or cardboard.

These materials are very inexpensive and you probably have them at home.

To make the borders and bras more fabric, of a different color, that matches your curtains.

And the same materials indicated for the curtains.

I hope you do not think that there are very few materials because, in reality, it is like that, it is not a lie.

Making curtains is very inexpensive, that is why you must learn a lot about curtains.

make curtains

Well, you no longer buy or have them made but you make them to your liking, you can make one for each week and you will not spend a lot of money.

I assure you that you will love learning how to make curtains for a living room.

And you can not only do them for the living room as well.

You can give options to your kitchen, bathroom, or room.

Here are the steps you must follow so that you learn how to make living room curtains, and decorate your home as you like best.

How to make curtains for living room step by step

How to make curtains for living room step by step

For living room curtains:

First step: you must measure the window of your room.

From width to length, use the tape measure that will help you.

Second step: pass the measurements to a sheet of cardboard or cardboard, served as a mold.

Remember to leave approximately 5 cm on each side so that when making the edges the curtain does not look bad.

You must take the measurements very closely so that when cutting the fabric you do not make mistakes.

Well, it is necessary to take into account that the selvages should not be seen, but they should not be over-covered either.

I hope you understand my idea.

Third step: pass the measurements to the fabric and cut the fabric, I hope your window is square or rectangular.

If not, you will have to use a ruler to help you measure the shape of your window.

Step four: we are going to start giving the fabric a nice point.

Lay the fabric right on the side where you will hang the curtain.

Take the bottom side and measure 1.25 cm, and double, then iron.

The iron will help the fabric stay in place.

Be careful not to get too hot and damage the fabric.

After this, fold and iron again, now you only have to sew through the selvage where the double ends.

Now you have the first hem of your curtain, take one side again, either the left or the right.

Continuation of the steps

Continuation of the steps

Repeat the process to make the hem, and when you are done simply repeat the procedures on the side that is left over.

Now we must work with the upper side, which is almost the same process.

The difference is that since this is the last one we are going to sew, there must be two openings on each side.

What we will do is repeat the doubles, but since the tube or rod will pass through there, leave 1.55 cm and double and sew.

If you are going to make two curtains, you just repeat the processes, be careful that it is the same size.

If you have already finished, then you already know how to make curtains for living room.

But as I told you before you can do other things like the border for example.

Decorate your curtain

Decorate your curtain

Which you must measure the width of your window and if it is very long you must make two borders.

In this case with the same measure of each curtain that you have made.

The valances go to the middle or a quarter of the window.

You must make a curve that is like a straight vo and falls, before cutting you measure the pattern on the fabric and cut it double.

You are going to sew the curved part leaving 5 cm wide.

Before finishing, leave a few cm without sewing to flip, you flip the fabric like when you flip a cushion or pillowcase.

You repeat the seam 5cm later and in the straight part you put two holes for the tube.

You put it in a separate tube right next to the curtains and it will look great.

And that’s it, you know how to make curtains for a living room, it’s very easy, right.

Well I hope your curtains are nice.

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