How to make a shower curtain longer in various designs

How to make a shower curtain longer

How to make a shower curtain at home

This time I tried to make shower curtains with a low budget and the truth is that they have been very easy and practical, so I share the feat and I hope you will also try it. It’s a great way to save money and get custom shower curtains.


  • A piece of plastic of the height and width that we consider appropriate for our bathroom (remember to leave about 30 cm or more as you want the curtain to be pleated).
  • Stick silicone.
  • A rod to hang the shower curtain.
  • Drill.
  • Plastic hooks or a medium string.
  • Nylon thread.

How do you do it?

You can choose transparently, colored, or patterned plastic, they sell it in fabric and decoration stores but look for it a little thick so that it resists movement since there are very thin plastics.

The first thing we are going to do is make sure that the edges of the plastic are exactly straight, otherwise cut them so that they are even. Now, we do a finger-width fold on the edges except at the top and glue with silicone, and then reinforce them with nylon thread.

In the upper part, fold about 4 fingers inwards and stick only where the edge meets the length of the plastic, thus leaving a tunnel in the middle and reinforce with nylon.

You can either drive the bar through the center of this fold or prepare it to attach the hooks.

Taking this part of the double plastic, make some holes along the curtain centered and separated, finally insert the hooks in them or go through a piece of string in each hole and tie it until all the holes are finished.

How to make shower curtains, in various designs

We are always in need of buying these curtains, now you can learn how to make shower curtains.

You will see how with simple procedures you can learn how to make shower curtains with your designs.

Let’s see now, what materials are we going to need to make shower curtains.

I will try to give you several options, even so, that you can develop your own style.

Let’s start with the first option to learn how to make shower curtains.


traditional shower curtains

Among the materials that we will need to learn how to make shower curtains, we have

Buy three meters of rubber, plastic, or waterproof fabric.

Plastic curtain rings tape.

Set of rings for shower curtains, they can be decorative.

Of course meter, scissors, the sewing machine or thread, and thick needle.

I suggest you buy three meters of plastic because generally, the showers are between 1.20 and 1.50 wide.

It is always good that the curtain is wrinkled to contain the water, within the shower area.


preparation of the curtain

In this first option on how to make shower curtains, we will see how easy it is to assemble a curtain.

The first thing we will do is locate a large space where we can spread the fabric.

Remember that in this case we are making the traditional curtain, but with some details.

In this case the curtain or the grip tape, we will use the conventional curtain tape

Because drilling and setting the hoops involves having a rivet style tool.

So it is more practical to use a ready-made hoop tape, it is important to make adjustment seams.

With pins, we are going to fix the curtain tape on top of the fabric.

Remember to join right to right and then pass the seam and both remain on the right.

You must pass a creased seam to step on the junction of the fabric with the curtain tape.

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In this case, we are going to learn how to make shower curtains, applying other fabrics.

We always see the plastic fabric or the raincoat of the same colors and designs or transparent.

Now we can combine that option giving a delicate touch to our bathroom.

I believe that curtains always add a delicate touch to a particular environment.

For this case, we are going to need the waterproof fabric that is important because of the contact with water.

You are going to choose a fabric that can be upholstery, although I do not prefer it so thick because of the weight.

Both fabrics would make enough weight to curve the base where you will place the curtain.

But you can get an upholstery-like fabric with nice patterns and less thick.

You are going to buy the same number of meters, at least 3 meters so that it is well wrinkled.

You buy your curtain ring tape, or you can also design curtains with the same fabric.

Of course, your sewing implements to make your curtain.


Continuing with another model on how to make shower curtains, we are going to combine fabrics.

Spread the plastic fabric and on it the patterned fabric that you have chosen to combine.

Fabric is likely to be wider than plastic, you will need to cut off excess fabric.

Then work the hem on the sides and bottom of the fabric to avoid losing fabric.

Always, before cutting, leave at least a centimeter and a half to roll, thicker there does not look good.

After you do the hem, tie both fabrics together at the top before attaching the ribbon.

Although it will be two seams in three frames, it is better because it will give the fabrics a better fit.

Then present the underwire ribbon on top of both fabrics that need to be attached and pinned.

An important piece of information is the placement of the pins, you can place them across the width of the fabric.

But when sewing you must be careful not to pass the pin through the needle.

That is why I recommend placing the pins along with the fabric, the two needles are less likely to collide.

Once the tape is attached to the fabrics, proceed to the seam to polish the joining seam.

At the end of this seam, you will have another model of curtains for showers, beautiful and different,


One last idea on how to make shower curtains is to make everything in fabric and even with a fabric border.

In this case, we can make it with an upholstery fabric or also called luminized.

This fabric is 1.10 meters wide, so, you must buy 4 meters, because you must make two clothes.

Buy another fabric that can be poplin or cambric in the same color to match.

Even as you can buy a ready-made lace to be attached to the second fabric.

The base fabric must be waterproof, so measure the length plus the curtain.

Remember that the curtain is the hem of the tube, in case of placing belt loops or tapes, do not leave a roll.

It only leaves a centimeter and a half for the conventional hem.

After you cut, you must make the hemlines on the sides of each cloth and on the back.

With the second fabric, prepare the pattern on how you will make the fabric border, it can be with a fold or simple.

Depending on the model, you can place a lace hem that covers the border.

In the case of making the hem for the tube, you must make two straight seams, leaving a hem of at least 15 centimeters.

The first seam you will do 2 cm from the fold and the second seam you will do 6 cm.

So that you leave the hole where you are going to pass the tube, as you can see, it is easy to learn how to make shower curtains.

In the case of using curtain tape, it is easier because you are going to join fabric and border first.

Then arms with the band of rings, remember that in both procedures it is the same.

Regardless of the hem of the tube, you are going to do it with the valance, always remember to step on the joint to polish the seam.

Once you make the joint, mount your curtain with the hooks or directly to the tube and enjoy your design.

Tips for extending your shower curtain

Buying a new shower curtain for your home is a budget of its own. Maybe you won’t like spending the money on it. The idea of ​​sewing an extension cord is a good alternative. But this can compromise the style of the curtain. Here are some tips you might find helpful. You can extend the curtain from the top or from the bottom.

Extend Curtain Rings

Extending the curtain with rings is easy to do. You just need to buy several more rings. Then hang the rings from the curtain. The trick is to add a row of rings along the length of the curtain. This makes it possible to gain height.

After that, if the curtain is not long enough, you can add as many rows. Attention all the same to the aesthetic rendering. Several extension rings can add weight to the curtain.

If you don’t want to add more rings, you can also try the buckles. It is enough just to sew loops in the form of knots or braids. You can then insert them into the curtain as a sort of collar.

Extend the curtain by adding another piece

If the curtain is too short, and it is impossible to lengthen the rings, another trick is in order. You just need to add an extension downwards. This time, you will have to sew a piece to lengthen the height. In order to have a pleasant rendering, play with a colored piece.

Preferably, choose a second striking color on the curtain. This helps to give style. For example, if you have a curtain with a blue background color, with turquoise color patterns, choose a turquoise-colored fabric to make it longer.

Pay attention to the seam. This should not be apparent. In the case of a plastic curtain, prefer to glue the extension rather than to sew it. Sewing on plastic can ruin the entire curtain.

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