How to Clean a Carpet? Without Damaging

How to clean a carpet

An essential decorative accessory, the carpet is available in almost any room in the house. As beautiful as it is, it is a nest of germs and dirt. How to clean your carpet without damaging it? We tell you everything… 

Today, few houses do not have at least one carpet. This accessory has invaded our home insides and finds its place in all rooms. Decorative or useful, rugs are also nests for bacteria, especially if you have a pet. Be even more vigilant if you are the parents of a toddler, who will be more sensitive to bacteria. We reveal our tips for cleaning carpets without necessarily resorting to (chemical) disinfectant sprays.

First reflex to clean your carpet

Your best weapon for ridding your carpet of bacteria is vacuuming. At least once a week, vacuum your carpet, insisting with a brush. Be careful, however, with oriental rugs to avoid damaging the threads. Also think from time to time to turn it over to vacuum the underside, in direct contact with the ground.

Clean your carpet naturally in-depth

Our grandmothers still have the best tips to take care of their homes, without chemicals. Hang your rugs outside and pull out a large wooden swatter, designed for this use.

More modern, the steam cleaner (without adding chemicals) also allows you to clean your carpet ecologically, provided that this cleaning method is adapted to yours, which is not the case for delicate natural fibers such as sisal. If you don’t have one, consider renting and test a small section of your carpet first.

Ideally, have the vapor reflex once every two months. A little tip: to leave a pleasant smell on your carpet, add a few drops of essential oils.

For more classic maintenance, simply rub your carpet with soapy water (made from black soap or Marseille soap shavings. Rinse and let dry.

Revive your carpet naturally

Another grandmother’s trick to give a second youth to her carpet: make an infusion based on potato peels, then soak a sponge and rub your carpet. Leave on for a few hours, rinse and dry.

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Get rid of stains and dirt on carpets

Start by soaking your carpet in sparkling water using a sponge, rubbing on the dirt. Leave on for 30 minutes, then sprinkle with baking soda. Once the powder is dry, all you have to do is vacuum it up. This is Grandmother’s recipe, It also has the best of reviving the colors of your home carpet!

dirt on carpets
Get rid of stains and dirt on carpets

Is your carpet very dusty or stained with grease? We go to the next step by drawing its famous white vinegar. Pour it directly on the stain, rub with a cloth and wait for 15 min. Then, make a mixture with a little hot water and dishwashing liquid which you whip with an electric mixer or with a hand blender. It is the second time mixture on the carpet, scrub a brunch, rinse and let dry. Guaranteed cleanliness for this!

A little less green variant: put shaving foam on the stain by applying a thick layer. Leave on for an hour, then rub with a sponge. If necessary, repeat this step by letting it act overnight, then vacuum up the dry foam the next morning.

Fragile carpets: we focus on dry cleaning

If you have a valuable, more delicate rug, get Sommières soil from an organic or DIY store. A natural clay endowed with a stain removing and degreasing power. Sprinkle on the stain, leave to act overnight, then vacuum the next morning.

Remove a wine stain from a carpet

Catastrophe, If your guests spilled his wine glass on your white carpet. Do not panic! First reflex: put on absorbent paper to suck up the liquid and prevent its spread. Then, sprinkle with Sommières earth starting around the stain to the center. Do not rub, just leave it on for a few hours (ideally overnight), then vacuum up the powder.

Clean bathroom rugs

For all cotton or machine-safe rugs, wash them all together, ideally once a week or every 10 days. Opt for detergent made from Marseille soap shavings and replace the softener with white vinegar with the addition of essential oils.

I cannot remove a stain from my carpet or is it too big to go in the machine?

First solution: entrust it to a laundry / dry cleaning service, certified organic. Your carpet will benefit from a pro dry cleaning, without chemicals.

 The second solution: go to a laundromat which has large capacity machines.

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4 golden rules if you have rugs

Rule – 1 : To avoid the proliferation of bacteria on your rugs (especially if you have a baby at home), remove your shoes at the entrance and use indoor slippers that are not soiled by outdoor bacteria.

Rule – 2 : Underfloor heating also promotes their development. If you have this heating method, you will need to clean your carpets more. Likewise, natural fiber rugs require more maintenance than synthetic rugs. Indeed, the latter retain fewer bacteria. Disadvantage: these rugs are less ecological.

Rule – 3 : Also make sure that your carpets do not stay damp, an environment favorable to the multiplication of microbes of all kinds.

Rule – 4 : Finally, always read the cleaning precautions and test the cleaning on a small part of the carpet before you go all in, especially if your carpet is fragile and/or expensive.

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