How to choose the dining table and chairs set and dining room decor amazing

How to choose the dining table and chairs

Sharing a meal, making small talk, laughing, and having fun; there is nothing better than this. Indoors, the best meeting place for family and friends in the dining room. This event certainly involves a lot of love.

But did you know that the duration of this joy can be conditioned with a local decoration? Other than that, many design details of the dining table and chairs set also influence people’s comfort.

Following this thought, we came up with a special text to help you prepare a more beautiful and suitable decoration for this special environment in your home.

dining table and chairs set

Let’s understand together what it takes to make it more attractive and functional. And also make a comparison between the different table models and the effects of this on the interaction between the guests at the meeting. Are you curious? Keep reading.

The relationship of dining table and chairs versus dining room decor

The dining table and chairs are set to represent the most important items that need to be in the decor of a dining room. But people often have doubts about which pieces to choose to compose this environment in their home.

And, of course, it is easy to go wrong, at this time, by acquiring a piece that not only does not meet the family’s needs but also ends up in disharmony with the entire surrounding scenario. So, full attention.

Understand that all these items, plus a possible china cabinet and buffet counter, can be part of the same package sold in stores, combining with each other. However, in this case, there is a high chance that the decoration will become too monotonous.

dining table and chairs versus dining room decor

Do not be afraid to dare. Play with the possibilities the market offers. Your living room can be much more interesting if you mix different pieces.

But let’s explain better how this process works. So, for the final result to make any sense, all the furniture and accessories chosen for your dining room must have a design that matches the decor proposal made. And it’s also better than they have something in common – like their aesthetic language, color, finish, and more. Everything is a matter of good taste, knowledge, and understanding of decoration.

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The different models of dining table

Nowadays, we have a wide range of furniture options for sale in stores. We can find all types of dining tables and dining room chairs. If you know what proportions, materiality, and visual style this furniture should have, the choice is much easier.

As we said before, these pieces don’t need to match. But, they being together, it has to make sense. For example, it doesn’t combine to have a table with a glass top and a stone central foot with plastic chairs. Do you understand the comparison?

But, at the same time, you can have a table in the room with metal legs and a rustic natural wood top accompanied by super modern plastic chairs. Isn’t that amazing?

different models of dining table

A good combination you can make, to get away from the traditional, is just playing with this issue of chairs.

These pieces should somehow contrast with the dining table – for example, a dark wood table with chairs covered in beige fabric. Chairs that have the same shape and finish may have different colors; chairs in different shapes should have the same colors. This game guarantees harmony.

Speaking more specifically about the dining tables, there are those with natural wood, lacquered wood, stone, tiled, and metal tops.

choose the dining table

The darker four-legged tables seem to take up more space, weigh more on the look, and cannot have the corners used. On the other hand, clear or translucent tables with a single central foot have the opposite effect and may have chairs all around.

For more compact rooms, tables with pure geometric shapes are recommended. Rooms with large areas allow the use of tables in bolder formats.

Square and rectangular tables would help make better use of spaces. However, the round and oval would encourage more interaction between those sitting around. Of course, there are other models of tables, such as the orthogonal ones.

The right distances between the dining table, chairs and pendant chandelier

We go back to saying that there are several different models of dining tables for sale. The models most purchased by consumers are rectangular in the following dimensions:

  • 4 places – 90 by 90 cm;
  • 6 places – 1.5 m by 90 cm;
  • 8 seats – 2 m by 1.1 m.

If you want to know which of these table models would fit right inside your dining room, you must take into account the space needed for chairs, people, and circulation.

dining table, chairs and pendant chandelier

A standard dining chair can be around 50 cm wide – between one and another chair, there should be about 10 to 20 cm of clearance, with the last chair being 40 cm from the corner. The tabletop, on the other hand, needs to be at least 1 m away from the nearby walls.

Another measure you need to write down is the circulation around the chairs, around 60 cm at least. Also at a distance of 1.2 to 1.5 m from the table in relation to a china cabinet or buffet counter.

And finally, the distance that the pendant chandelier placed on this table needs to be the right size, around 75 to 90 cm. We recommend that you write this down on a sheet, testing these measurements against your dining room measurements.

Many beautiful options, no? Have you decided which one best suits your home?

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