How to choose a TV panel to decorate your room

How to choose a TV panel to decorate your room

Today we will answer some basic questions about how to choose a TV panel to decorate your environment, after all, TV is one of the household appliances responsible for leisure at home, no family does not meet at least once a week to watch it, therefore, the choice of Panel is essential to accommodate this device.

TV panel to decorate your room

What are the advantages of choosing a TV Panel?

Opting for a TV Panel brings several advantages, perhaps the main one is its versatility, as it suits the most diverse environments.

Another advantage is that a traditional model helps to optimize space, as it is not supported on the floor, this guarantees an extra surface for you to use as you wish.

Then, another benefit of this piece is that the wires referring to the installation of the TV and other devices are behind the Panel, out of reach of the eyes.

choosing a TV Panel

What is the best material for the TV Panel?

TV panels can be made of different materials, but among the main ones, we can mention MDF and MDP.

The MDP is characterized by greater resistance to assembly and disassembly, so if changes are frequent for you, betting on a part made with this material may be the best option.

MDF, on the other hand, has a smoother surface, so it ensures a better finish, and if you are looking for models with different designs, you should give preference to this material.

best material for the TV Panel

But before choosing the material for your Panel, you must consider the weight and size of your TV, and then choose a raw material that is resistant to your needs.

What is the right size for the TV Panel?

The size of the Panel will vary according to the size of the TV, ideally, there should be at least 15 cm to spare around the screen.

right size for the TV Panel

And when we think about the right size for the TV, we must analyze the distance between the sofa and the device, that is, if the distance is 1.8 m, you should opt for a screen with a maximum of 32”.

If the distance between your sofa and your TV is up to 2.4m, you can adopt a screen with a maximum of 42”.

Now, if this measurement is equal to 2.8m, a 50” screen is the most you can accommodate in your environment.

But if you want a bigger screen, with about 60”, the distance between your sofa and your TV should be at least 3.4 m.

But when we think about height, the most suitable is that the TV is at least 1 m from the floor, and therefore, the Panel must be at least 85 cm above the floor.

What are the TV Panel models?

There are different TV Panel models, your selection must take into account your environment as well as your needs.

Minimalist TV panel

The minimalist Panel follows a cleaner look, with straight lines, without many details, the great alternative for those looking for an option just to accommodate the television in the environment.

Minimalist TV panel
  • TV panel with shelves

Now, if you need a space to support something like a DVD or some decorative item, a good model is an option that has shelves.

  • TV panel with drawers

If you want extra storage space, the model with drawers may be the best alternative.

  • TV panel with niches

A TV panel with niches is great to accommodate some decorations and enhance the design of the environment.

TV panel with integrated shelf
  • TV panel with integrated shelf

The model like this is multifunctional, in addition to supporting the TV, you’ll have space in it to accommodate some decorations, books, electronic devices or other items you want.

  • TV panel with lamps

You will find panels with light fixtures on the top, this model is great for bringing a contemporary feel to the room.

  • TV panel with attached rack

Some models have an attached rack, perfect to complete the look of the environment.

What color should I choose for my TV Panel?

You will find TV panels in the most varied colors, and your choice will depend on your environment as well as the style of your decoration.

The white TV panel or with softer tones is the best option for small rooms, these tones tend to bring the feeling of spaciousness to the room, as well as the mirrored details and finishes.

choose for my TV Panel

On the other hand, a black TV Panel is a great alternative for large and brighter environments, as this color is characterized by light absorption, which increases the sharpness of the images and improves their visibility.

But if you want to renew the environment, and bring a touch of color to the space, you can bet on a colored TV Panel, but remember to choose a tone that maintains harmony in the room.

Woody tones are also good alternatives for the TV Panel, in this case, you should follow the color palette of the environment, if you choose a lighter tone, it is worth remembering that this brings lightness, elegance and sophistication to the room.

In which environments can I have a TV Panel?

It is interesting to note that the TV Panel is not exclusive to the living room, this piece fits very well in different environments.

As is the case with the bedroom, many like to have this device in this room for leisure, and a Panel is essential to accommodate this item in the best way.

environments can I have a TV Panel

Another environment in which we usually accommodate the TV is in the kitchen, and there’s nothing better than a Panel to complete the decor.

And if you usually receive guests on your balcony or gourmet veranda, there’s nothing better than betting on a Panel in this environment to entertain visitors.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is worth noting that the TV Panel must be placed away from windows, as the reflection tends to interfere with the image.

So, what did you think of the tips we brought to help those who have doubts about how to choose a TV Panel to decorate their environment?

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