Holiday Guest Room Ready

No, I haven’t lost my mind and started decorating for Christmas already. But I am just a wee bit excited about the holidays. This year, my mom is coming to stay with us for Christmas, and I am SO excited! We haven’t spent a Christmas together in a really long time, like maybe 10 years or something. So, while I don’t normally do much holiday decorating in our bedrooms, I want to make our guest bedroom feel extra special this year. When this gorgeous red velvet quilt that I ordered arrived I just couldn’t wait to roll out our guest room sofa bed and have a little try-on session!

holiday velvet bedding

And I’m in LOVE! This traditional Christmas color combo is giving me all the feels.

guest bedroom holiday ready

As I already mentioned, I don’t normally opt to do much in the way of holiday decorating in any of our bedrooms. Typically, I’ll maybe add a wreath above the bed and call it good. But I just couldn’t resist this deep red velvet quilt with matching shams! At $34 for the quilt and shams, this bedding brings in the perfect festive punch of color!

holiday bedding guest bedroom

And I love how these red plaid pillows add an extra layer of holiday cozy to the space!

holiday guest ready

This little try-on session has shown me that it really doesn’t take much to add a festive touch to a bedroom. With just a few simple additions this room feels completely holiday-ready! And now I’m even more excited to host my mom for Christmas this year!

christmas guest bedroom

Do you decorate your bedrooms for Christmas?

holiday guest ready

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