Halloween Patio

We use our backyard patio so much more now that I painted the checkerboard pattern on the floor. This punch of color and pattern made this space feel so much more inviting, and we find ourselves entertaining out here all the time now. So I couldn’t wait to bust out my Halloween decor bins and spook our patio up a bit!

halloween patio decorations

A little goes a long way with Halloween decor, in my opinion. And hands down my favorite spooky decor idea is to hang witch hats from a ceiling with fishing line. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’ve been doing this for years. I love how much visual bang for the buck it gives you, and the touch of whimsy it adds to a space makes me so happy. A slight breeze in the air and this patio feels absolutely magical!

halloween patio hanging witch hats

I’ve also always loved the Edgar Allen Poe vibes of a group of crows. *Little tip – Museum putty works really well to keep them in place outdoors without leaving behind any sticky residue.

patio decorated for Halloween
halloween outdoor decor
halloween patio

It took me all of 30 minutes tops to spook our patio. And while I don’t have any new tricks up my sleeve this year, I love how it all came together. Because I’ve never decorated our patio for Halloween before, all of our old decor feels so fresh this year simply because I’m displaying it in a new space. So I guess maybe that’s my tip for refreshing your holiday decor…..try using it differently this year than you did last year.

halloween patio decor

Are you into decorating for Halloween?

Rounded up some fun finds here:



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