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When unexpected turns occur, like a conference cancellation, they can spark the genesis of a robust community—an embodiment of the resilience found within decentralized systems. Holochain is poised to harness this phenomenon by providing a vibrant gathering space for the Web3 and NFT enthusiasts of San Francisco. This event is not just a meeting; it’s a celebration of the distributed nature of blockchain technology and an exploration of its potential.

The venue chosen for this gathering is steeped in history: the Jazz Workshop building at 473 Broadway, San Francisco. Here, on November 6th, from 3 to 7 PM PST, attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in discussions about a distributed Web while networking with like-minded individuals.

Holochain invites participants to enjoy light appetizers and alcohol-free drinks, with a cash bar available for those who wish to indulge. This convergence aims to foster connections, share knowledge, and perhaps, most importantly, create a space where the community can come together to heal and grow—much like the nodes in a decentralized network.

This is an opportunity for the community to adapt to change and turn it into an opportunity for unity and innovation.

TL;DR: Holochain is hosting a community event for Web3 and NFT aficionados at the historic Jazz Workshop building in San Francisco, transforming a conference cancellation into an opportunity for community building and exploration of distributed technology.


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