What is the Best Products to Clean your Entrance Mat

Clean your Entrance Mat

The main function of an entrance mat, regardless of the materials used in its manufacture, is to retain the dirt deposited by the shoes of passers-by and to absorb moisture. Exposed to dust, water, and dirt, it therefore necessarily requires specific maintenance, which may vary depending on the fiber. Cleaning your entrance mat is a fundamental step. It guarantees the durability of the model and helps to convey a positive image of your company. We, therefore, give you some tips for effective maintenance.

Don’t forget the vacuum cleaner

clean mat with vacuum cleaner

Any maintenance of an entrance mat necessarily goes through the vacuum cleaner. To remove the dirt accumulated during the day, it is recommended to use it several times a week, taking care not to use too much power. This will decrease the abrasion effect on the fibers and prolong the life of the carpet. Remember: vacuuming is only a preliminary maintenance step and will never remove all deposits. To properly clean your carpet, deep cleaning should be done regularly.

Dry shampoo and baking soda

Entrance mats made from natural fibers like coir or cotton should never be exposed to water. This is also why it is advisable to install them indoors or outdoors covered, but never outdoors. To prevent the fibers from degrading during maintenance, dry shampoo can be used. Before vacuuming, you can also dust the carpet with a layer of baking soda. It will allow deep cleansing, sanitizing, but also benefit from a deodorizing action. For effective maintenance, let the product penetrate the fiber for several hours, then vacuum carefully.

High-pressure water jet

clean mat with high pressure water jet

Some polyamide or polypropylene-type carpets have the advantage of not being afraid of water. Easy to maintain, they can safely be cleaned with a water jet or a high-pressure cleaner. This will remove the dirt in-depth without affecting the quality of the fibers. A solution is as economical as it is effective! However, do not hesitate to ask for advice from our Customer Service because some carpets designed in polyamide or polypropylene depending on their design do not always withstand strong pressure during cleaning. We are here to advise you on the best possible maintenance, so let us know!

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Machine transfer

Polyamide or polypropylene entrance mats may be machine-fitted for some of them, the logo is also visible on our website. To avoid damaging the synthetic fibers, use gentle washing programs below 40 ° C. To clean it, do not hesitate to fold the carpet lengthwise in 3 or 4, the fibers being placed on the outside. The carpet will then be positioned accordion-style in the washing machine. Once washed, let it air dry.

Machine washing can be done twice a year. It will act at the heart of the material, but also preserve the good smell and freshness of the model. Our tip: machine wash your carpet before installing it! This will give bulk to the fibers and make them more efficient.

For large carpets, opt for the laundromat or a steam cleaner. It is also possible to dry clean your carpet.

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The stain remover

stain remover

Is your entrance mat stained or filled with grease? You can restore it to its original appearance by using a stain remover. Solutions abound on the market, so you will easily find the right product for the fibers of your carpet!

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