31 Magnificent ideas to decorate the Sofa and Wall

decorate the Sofa Wall

Have an amazing sofa in the living room but it looks soulless? Look at the decoration around it and, above all, on its back wall. If you see her naked and without grace, take note of these 31 ideas to restore her splendor. They will make you fall in love!

The sofa is the star piece of the living room, the one that determines a large part of our decoration and, therefore, decorating it well and getting it right is so important to us! Hitting the nail has some tricks that we teach you below, along with these ideas that you can copy. Put pictures, mirrors or pictures and show off your good decoration! “



In this case, a composition of paintings with a carefree air decorates the wall. The key is to combine sheets on wood (these are from Posterlongue) with other framed ones, in a game that is not symmetrical, and where there are several sizes. Here they all have in common the natural theme, with birds and leaves. Its green, tan and blue colors adorn the velvet sofa and its cushions. 

A trick. For the paintings to blend in well with the decor, choose the same colors or palette as the sofa. 


very neat winning trio decoration the sofa and wall

We usually say that the number three is magical in decoration, also when it comes to decorating the walls. In this living room, the three pictures on the wall of the sofa are practically identical, they are aligned at the base and they have been placed at the same distance from each other. Thus they manage to give a feeling of harmony and order. Their rather wide white mat makes them stand out even more. 


large painting decorate the Sofa Wall

A large painting in XXL format can be a great protagonist of the living room wall and, by extension, of the entire room. When you choose a painting of large proportions you must make sure that its style and colors fit in with the rest of the decoration. Because it should stand out, but not out of tune. That is why works in neutral colors or in black and white, like the one in this room, are always a good choice.

The frame. In large works or very striking paintings, always choose discreet frames so that they do not compete with them. 


vintage look decorate the Sofa Wall

An idea that always works and that brings freshness is to place two twin squares. This way you get the same effect as that of a single large painting but without the weight of the work influencing your living room so much. With two frames taller than they are wide, you also gain a sense of verticality and visually raise the ceiling. In this Santayana Home decoration, paintings add a vintage touch to a wall with wallpaper. 

Natural effect. We have seen pictures of birds, leaves, and now butterflies. Nature always looks good. 


light with a mirror decorate the Sofa Wall

Decorating the wall of the sofa with a mirror is another bet that does not fail. With it, you can open a new window in your living room, especially if, as here you reflect the views, and also gain depth and a sense of space while multiplying the light in the living room. Mirrors with black panels are always very decorative and add a touch of style.


staff with photos decorate the Sofa Wall

If you want an elegant wall with a timeless style, bet on composition of black and white photos. Decorating with photos, in addition to being aesthetic, makes you feel good, as it reminds you of good times and important people. These are the work of the model Mónica de Tomás. For a balanced composition, the largest photos are at the ends and the medium and small ones are in the center. 

Black and white. The black frames delimit and give prominence to the photos. The white matting helps you stand out. 


with mirrors, mix and match decorate the Sofa Wall

Illustrations, paintings, and mirrors … you can also create compositions with different elements, in shape and size. You should always place the largest pieces first and then the rest around them. For a composition to be balanced, its center must be about 160-170 cm from the ground, which is the height of the view. The more distance you leave between them, the more it will breathe, although the standard is about 10 cm. 

Infallible. Put your composition on the ground, inside an imaginary rectangle. It is the best way to see how it will turn out. 


exhibition frames decorate the Sofa Wall

You have just painted the house and have not yet decided how to decorate the walls. You would like to put one or more pictures on the sofa but the moldings look so pretty it would be a shame to hide them! Attentive to our proposals: if the paintings are large, support them on the ground as the Nordics do to preserve their walls, and if they are small, place a side table attached to the wall and display them on its surface so that they can be seen well in the distance.


the best insulator decorate the Sofa Wall

Did you know that through walls, being loses 20% of energy? Install a decorative coating, such as a half-height wooden frieze, which in addition to thermally and acoustically insulating the wall, personalizes and protects it. Thus, when you sit on the sofa, your back will be covered. If you have chosen the planks in white to better capture natural light, paint the rest of the wall in a darker color or use a patterned wallpaper. Playing contrast always brings success. 


geometric shelf decorate the Sofa Wall

It can be with suggestive shapes and different compartments to place books and decorative details (as in the photo) or a simple shelf that covers the width of the sofa. 


perfect framing decorate the Sofa Wall

Your sofa is attached to the wall and the first thing that comes to mind is to place an illustration that occupies tooooooda its length but what if, like here, do you have a pillar that divides the wall in two? The best option is to decorate only one side, centering the painting well, and leaving the other free to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

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bookcase up to the ceiling decorate the Sofa Wall

Have you noticed how badly used the wall behind the sofa is? If in addition to being decorative you want it to be practical, place in it a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, like the one in the image. If you choose it in the same color as the walls and ceiling, it will blend in with them giving a sense of uniformity. The doors at the bottom of the furniture hide it’s interior and, if they are sliding, they will facilitate their opening. The back of the sofa coincides with the open shelves, thus exposing books and objects, so you should keep this part well organized. 


rising tone decorate the Sofa Wall

You have a fantastic leather Chester sofa that you want to get the most out of. How about painting the back wall an olive green that makes you feel in the middle of nature? As decoration, opt for the minimal expression, that is, a simple shelf painted the same color as the wall so that it blends with it. It supports one or more framed sheets on its base. This way they will not take away an iota of prominence from the sofa.


with a good base decorate the Sofa Wall

You chose a sofa for the living room in neutral tones because they adapt like a glove to any style but, despite the colorful cushions that you have put on it, it is a bit bland. Now is the time to hang that wonderful abstract painting that was waiting in the storage room for its opportunity! Hang it centered at a distance of 5/10 centimeters from the sofa or, if you prefer, rest it on the base of the backrest when you are not sitting on it. If at the time of watching your favorite series, you occupy the sofa as a family, move the painting as you wish, or put it on the floor so that it does not bother you.


mirror mirror decorate the Sofa Wall

The distribution of your living room is elongated and sometimes when you are in it you feel a strange funnel sensation. Place behind the sofa a series of XL mirrors resting on the floor and you will visually multiply the space by magic. In this image, we have also played with a glass wall on one side and facing the terrace door, on the other. Whenever the weather permits, keep the terrace open to increase your perspective.

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eco-touch vinyl decorate the Sofa Wall

Simple and colorful, that’s how decorative vinyls are to stick on the walls. And more if you choose it with shades similar to the textiles in the living room. 


look bigger decorate the Sofa Wall

Another good alternative is made with mirrors. On this occasion, a single large mirror, smooth or decorated with panels, hangs above the sofa. If you do the same operation on the opposite wall, and both are at the same height, you will double the meters of the room in no time. Do the test and you’ll see! For a reason, it is one of the tricks most used by interior designers. 


vintage airs decorate the Sofa Wall

Although it seems the most obvious option, it will not be the simplest for that. Sometimes, finding a painting, illustration, or print according to our tastes and that, in turn, fits with the decoration of our living room can be difficult. Select one or more botanical prints and you will be right on the mark, like these great vintage paintings of butterflies hanging in parallel. 


aligned shelves decorate the Sofa Wall

You live in a small apartment where your living room barely fits a two-seater sofa and little else. How can you decorate this one without feeling overwhelmed? Certainly with a head. Forget galore books and XL pieces. Place two parallel shelves along the back wall of the sofa. Paint them the same color (light shades, of course) for a smooth look. Decorate them with small objects, a mini bookcase where the novels are arranged vertically and horizontally to give it dynamism, and a small vase with tiny flowers that bring joy.


We have relegated it to the kitchen wall, but there was a time when a living room was not a real room without a valuable clock that marked the rhythm of the house with its pendulum and the punctual sound of its bell. 


table decorate the Sofa Wall

You have wrapped the blanket around your head and in the last renovation, you decided that the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room should share space. Only in this way was it possible to win in meters and in light. And now that you’ve finally finished, you enjoy your new layout. On this occasion, the sofa is the piece that separates the living room from the dining room, that is, behind it are only the table and chairs. When you are not sitting around it, try to keep it well dressed with individual or paths on which to put a nice flower arrangement, natural or artificial. By the way, look at the glass enclosure that separates the dining room from the kitchen, pure trend with its black profiles! 


In addition to expanding the space visually, a mirror will be the perfect complement to place it behind the sofa with an apparent frame: in carved wood or in a gold-tone that is so fashionable. 


reading area decorate the Sofa Wall

It is not usual to install them (and less if they are very large) on the sofa, but if you try to do it you will realize that, in addition to being very useful for reading, they adorn as much as any painting. 


A paneling of wood sheets will protect the wall from the friction of the sofa, especially if it is boxed in like this, but it will also add a touch of color and texture. 


sustainable nature decorate the Sofa Wall

Recycling to decorate is the new fashion premise. Follow her! In this image, some old wooden doors have been used to decorate the wall with success. 


A niche will be an extra and privileged space in which to place your favorite decorative details, as it will give them greater importance and added value.


You have done cleaning and ohh surprise! You have found some old prints that would be great to decorate the living room. Choose a variety of frames according to the colors that predominate in the textiles that are in it. Measure the length and width of the wall and place them centered on the sofa. At the same height or at a different height? We leave that to your choice, depending on how you want to give the feeling of order or dynamism. Before hanging them, do the test on the floor and choose your composition. 

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extra storage decorate the Sofa Wall

Do you have a wide gap between the sofa and the wall and you don’t know how to take advantage of it? How about relocating the vintage kitchen cabinet? This way you will kill two birds with one stone, in the living room you will have an extra storage area and the kitchen will not be so saturated with furniture. To give it a fresher and more natural look, paint the sideboard a soft green to match that XL plant next to you and start putting those beautiful porcelain tea sets you have on its shelves. Now get on the opposite wall and look at this new corner. What does another look like? 


A classic two-seater sofa like this one is perfect for decorating a cute corner or designing a reading area. What can you put behind it so it doesn’t crash? A still life painting, a family portrait, an aged wood paneling, a vintage piece… Take a look at the round porcelain light switches with a golden knob to illuminate everything with the charm of another era. 


Without abandoning the classic style, now we suggest that behind your dresser you place a Victorian-style chest of drawers where you can store your table clothes. If you find that you can barely open the lower drawers because there is not enough space, arrange in them the embroidered thread tablecloths that you only take out on special occasions. Organize the tablecloths and napkins that you use every day in the first drawers. And to finish off the corner, hang an old world map that gives your living room a cosmopolitan air. 


Your hallway is wide enough to fit a sofa. Yes, the one that helps you put on and take off your shoes when you leave and enter the house or wait for your daughter to finish getting ready to go shopping together. Have you already thought about how to decorate your wall? Remember that it is the first thing your visitors will see. A mirror in the shape of the sun, a rug turned into a tapestry, a colorful wallpaper or a collage of family photos are some suggestions. In this image, images of various sizes have been grouped and framed, alone or together, until this original composition is achieved. You’ll have as much fun selecting the albums as you are hanging them up!

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