Bed in front of window ideas: Advantages and Disadvantages at a glance

Bed in front of window ideas

A bedroom is the island of peace and relaxation, a private setting where residents can unwind after a long day. But unfortunately, the situation does not always seem as idyllic as you imagine, because, in the sleeping area, other furniture can be found next to the bed, a wardrobe and a dresser provide space for storing clothes, the bedside tables accommodate books and much more. 

At the latest when choosing furniture, the question arises: where to go with the bed? It is not always possible or even desirable to place it with the headboard on an interior wall. Putting a bed in front of a window sometimes turns out to be a practical and space-saving alternative. 

Bed in front of window

The advantages and disadvantages of this decision are explained in the article.

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Place the bed in front of the window: does the distance to the outer wall guarantee a good night’s sleep?

When it comes to the distribution of furniture in the bedroom, it is always advised not to place the bed directly on an outside wall. Much better are the interior walls suitable for this, so that you feel safe and do not have to worry about any shots. But in reality, the distance to the outer walls does not guarantee a good night’s sleep. If the room is next to the bathroom, the water pipes often run to this boundary wall. 

It is also unpleasant if, for example, the neighbor’s living room is on the other side of the wall.

When the bed is between the closet and the wall, you also feel uncomfortable. Care must also be taken to ensure that the remaining furniture does not obscure or displace the sleeping area. 

A space distribution in which the wardrobe is in a corner formed by two internal walls, the bed also borders the internal wall with the head part and the foot part points to the window, which proves to be optimal. The door is on another wall. A minimum distance of 80 cm between the bed and other furniture allows free movement in the room. 

If this is not possible, there are two alternatives: the wardrobe will always remain on an interior wall and the bed will be placed under the window or on an exterior wall.


Sleeping in a bed in front of a window: the advantages at a glance

Sleeping in a bed in front of a window

Sleeping on a bed in front of a window brings with it many key benefits: firstly, the bed is always pleasantly lit so it can be transformed into a reading corner on weekends, and secondly, the room is uncomfortable. crowded. More importantly, most people always want a clear view of the door. 

Therefore, it is considered more comfortable to sleep directly under the window, as if the headboard were hiding the door from view. Rooms with sloping ceilings often present a great challenge: in these cases, there is nothing left but to put the bed in a niche, the skylights create depth and are preferable to dark places. Here are the advantages at a glance:

Allows the layout of space-saving furniture in the small bedroom.

The bed is in the sun during the day and can be used as a reading area.


Place the bed directly under the window: the disadvantages

Place the bed directly under the window

A bed directly under the window also has several major disadvantages:

In addition to the exterior wall, moisture settles down and forms cold spots, which can lead to mold growth. That’s why most heaters are installed just below windows – they need to balance the temperatures.

But if the bed is right next to the heater, it may not work properly, the hot air cannot spread into the room and heat the bed, not the room. 

Therefore, experts advise against sleeping near a heat source. This is perceived by most people as unpleasant.

If you like to sleep with the windows open, you risk getting sick from the cold breeze. People lose body heat over their heads, so at least the headboard shouldn’t be right in front of the window.

Even with the door and windows closed, there is always a slight draft; in this case, a distance of at least 40 cm is recommended.

Shaping the room according to the doctrine of Feng Shui: when the bed is under the window, energy is lost

The teaching of Feng Shui tries to create a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment through the proper design of the room and the garden. This is done by certain rules in which the residents maintain and therefore have to distribute the furniture in the rooms. 

An important prerequisite for success is ensuring the free flow of energy through the building. In this way, all objects that are in the path of energies, and in this way disturb people, must be eliminated. The most important room in the house is the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the bed should be optimally placed on an interior wall. 

The space directly under the window is considered unfavorable, as is the location between the window and the door. When the headboard is against the wall,

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Place the bed in front of the window; Help with lack of space with these tips

Place the bed in front of the window

If it is already clear that the optimal place for the bed in the bedroom is directly under the window, these tips can help:

A distance between the bed and the heater/window of at least 40 cm protects against drafts and heat. Shelves can also protect the bed.

Seal the window well and darken with curtains.

Do not sleep with the window open, but ventilate several times in the evening and the morning for 5-10 minutes.

Do not mount the headboard on the exterior wall so that mold does not form behind it.

Optionally, put the foot part of the bed under the window, since at least the head is well protected from the cold and there is no tension in the morning.


The best tips for placing the bed in the room

When it comes to ordering our room to create the perfect environment for relaxation, there are many different possibilities that we can go to, depending on the space we have available as well as the furniture we have. However, possibly the most important part and that we are most concerned about, in general, when it comes to ordering the furniture is where to place the bed in the room.

The bed is, in general, a central element in all rooms. Since it is the place where we rest, it makes sense to focus all eyes on our rest team. Thus, in addition to being good equipment, the bed should be placed in a strategic place in the bedroom. 

Although ultimately, this will depend on personal preferences, we can give you some tips so that you can choose a good place to place the bed in your room.


Do not place the bed in front of a hall or in front of the door

According to A philosophy that allows you to organize spaces to improve “vital energy”, placing the bed in front of a corridor may not be a good idea. This is because, if so, there may be a lot of energy flow during the break that will not be too positive. That is, if the door to our room opens onto a corridor, it is best not to place it facing the door.

In the case of having no other option for the bedroom layout, then we can sleep with the door closed. In any case, it is best to avoid that the foot of the bed is aligned with the door. This is known as “the position of death” because the dead are placed with their feet towards the door to facilitate their access to heaven and thus be able to remove them from the room more easily. If we have no other option to place the bed, we can put a piece of furniture at its feet, such as a trunk.


Do not intercept the bed with the door

Not placing the bed across in front of a door. This, according to this philosophy of space, could negatively affect our rest. This is because having our heads in line with the door could make us uneasy and vulnerable. If this is our only option to place the bed, to avoid a “bad energy” we can resort to some tricks:

  • Squinting the door to sleep
  • Include a lamp that blocks the view of the door from the bed


Avoid placing the bed under a window

We should avoid that the bed is under a window. This is because, because windows could be a front door to your home, you could feel in danger while you sleep. In addition, the light and noise from outside can be annoying, so it is not advisable to have the window directly above your head.


The bed in relation to the mirrors

In the case of having a mirror in the room, we have to be careful about where to include it concerning the bed. It is not that it is negative to have a mirror in the same bedroom, It should not reflect the bed. Thus, it is highly discouraged to put, for example, the mirror in front of the bed, as it is not recommended to put it right behind it, as a headboard. Although it is not scientifically proven, it seems that it could cause insomnia.

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Where is it best to place the bed?

The bed is a key element of our bedroom. That is why it is so important to place it in an appropriate place, on the one hand in terms of decoration and, on the other hand, because of the “energy” that can influence our rest. That is why it is best to keep the head of the bed resting on a wall (preferably, not under a window).

And it is that placing the bed in the middle of the room as an island can generate a certain type of danger and instability. That is why, in addition to placing the headboard against a wall, it is also advisable to include a backrest in our rest equipment, which will provide us with security and a feeling of protection.

In summary, although the position in which you are going to place the bed in your room will depend on your tastes, you may want to take these tips into account. Still, remember to choose good rest equipment!

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