Anthropologie-Inspired Snow Globe Candle

I fell in love with this Anthropologie snow globe candle, and I almost bought it. But the $38 price gave me pause, and I felt like I might be able to make one for less.

anthropologie snow globe candle

And I was right! And the best part is, I like my version better!

snow globe candle

I’ve made two so far, and I plan to make a few more to give as gifts. I shared a reel on Instagram showing how easy these are to make, and I also saved the step-by-step instructions to a highlight in my Instagram bio.

diy snow globe candle
diy snow globe candle

These Better Homes & Gardens candles with their wooden tops are perfect for this simple Christmas craft. They’re normally priced at $10.87, but they’ll be just $5 during Walmart’s Black Friday Sale that starts November 22nd!

better homes & gardens candles

Apart from loving the price and fragrance options, because I’m not a huge fan of logos, I love that the labels on these candles can be removed easily without leaving any adhesive residue. But any candle with a wood top would work to make these snow globe candles.

ceramic house match holder

And if you’re obsessed with match holders like I am, watch this video where I turn this white ceramic house into the perfect holder for long matches.

cozy living room

I’m linking all of the supplies you’ll need to make these snow globe candles here on Amazon, but you can also find these items at your local craft store.

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