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Lots of people think that, to save a bit of money on their renovations, they should paint their home themselves. After all, how hard can it be? And though painting is definitely DIY friendly, there are loads of reasons why hiring an expert is a better idea.

Below, we cover just five of the top reasons why you’re better off hiring a painter and decorator to do the job for you. Thinking of hiring a painter? Request a quote today to find out more.

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Is hiring a painter worth it?

5 reasons why you should leave painting to the experts:

1. Professional experience

Though it might seem easy to roll some paint on a wall, skilled painters with years of experience are highly versed in painting techniques, mixing paint, surface prep (including cleaning, patching, sanding and priming), colour combinations and finishing touches that will elevate your room and walls. Hire a professional painter to ensure your project is completed to a high standard and by someone with extensive knowledge in the field.

2. Top quality materials

Decorating companies come to your house with all the premium-quality paints, tools and other materials they’ll need to get the job done, right. This will ensure long-lasting results and a superior finish. If you decide to DIY, you’ll have to pay for all the brushes, dust sheets and paints yourself, so keep this in mind as well when considering costs.

3. A quick and efficient service

Painting is a time consuming activity, especially if you’re looking to paint several rooms, or your whole house. If you haven’t done much painting before, lack of experience can also increase how quickly and efficiently you’ll be able to complete the project. Hiring a painter will allow you to go about your daily routines uninterrupted whilst the job gets completed for you.

4. Expert advice

Most painting projects require some amount of planning and coordinating. By hiring an expert, you can maximise the chances that you’ll be happy with the end result by asking them for advice on textures, colour schemes and finishes that will suit your tastes and your home’s design. Expert painters can then bring your vision to life, enhancing your home’s aesthetics.

5. A stress-free job

Large painting and decorating jobs can be stressful. Hiring a painter will provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that the job is being done by an expert, and will ensure that a skilled pair of hands are covering all the logistics of the job, from surface preparation all the way through to clean-up at the end. You don’t have to worry about the details when you’ve got a trusted tradesperson doing it for you.

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Hiring a painter and decorator will save you time, provide you with expert advice and guidance, and will ensure the project is completed to a high standard, improving your home’s aesthetics.

Not to mention that your paintwork and finishes will last longer when completed professionally, ensuring you don’t start seeing fading and peeling for a long time. We highly recommend you hire a painter and decorator for exterior painting, as it often involves working at a height which can be dangerous if not carried out properly.

Have we managed to convince you? Simply click on the link below to hire a decorating service today and find a great price for your job. Or, read on for some frequently asked questions about hiring a painter…


Hiring a painter and decorator FAQs

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How long will my painting and decorating project take?

How long your project will take depends largely on how big the area being painted is, how many coats of paint are required, the complexity of the work, and how long your chosen paint takes to dry.

As a general guideline, you can expect a small room, like a bathroom or bedroom, to take between four and seven days (including covering furniture, removing fixtures, patching walls, painting, drying time, finishing touches and cleaning).

A larger room like a living room or dining room might take anywhere between six and ten, whilst a whole house could take between twelve and twenty-one days.

These are just rough estimates – ask your painter and decorator for a more accurate timeline.

Do I need to prepare the area before the painter arrives?

Your painter needs to be able to access your walls, unobstructed. This means that you should remove all furniture that’s in the way, though your painter should be able to cover any furniture that you can’t move. Make sure you discuss this with them during the hiring process and ask what exactly you should do in preparation for their arrival.

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Do painters and decorators provide their own materials?

Your painter and decorator will usually provide all the materials needed to complete the job, including:

  • Paint (they will usually discuss the type of paint you want beforehand)
  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Trays
  • Primers and sealers
  • Protective coverings for furniture and floors

Make sure you discuss with your painter what exactly is included in your quote, so you’re sure about what materials they’ll be providing.

Ready to get started?


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How much does it cost to hire a painter and decorator?

How much you spend hiring a painter and decorator will depend on a few factors:

  1. The size and complexity of your project
  2. How much surface prep your painter needs to do before they can paint your walls
  3. Your choice of paints
  4. How many coats are required
  5. Add-ons, such as wallpaper installation or decorative finishes
  6. Where you live in the UK, with cost of labour rising in London and the South

You could spend anywhere between £250 and £1,200 to paint a room, whilst a whole house can range from between £2,500 and £5,000 for a 2-bedroom property and £5,500 and £13,000 for a 5-bedroom property.

This is just a general guideline, speak to a skilled painter and decorator today to get a more accurate quote for your project.


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