10 ideas to separate the bedroom in a house without interior walls

10 Ideas To Separate The Bedroom in A House Without Interior Walls

The apartments without dividing walls or lofts are very fashionable, are spaces that, although rare, like a lot and even look for such housing in which all spaces are joined without partitions through to the end, it is always advisable to separate somehow the bedroom of the rest of the house.

A Separate Bedroom is a bedroom with more privacy. Something Essential.

But of course, if we have been looking for an open space without partitions, loft-type, we are not now going to break the particular aesthetics of these spaces by raising partitions and closing the bedroom, since the loft or apartment would lose all its charm.

Even so, there are several ways to create privacy or separate the bedroom from the rest of the house without having to build partitions and add a door, and those solutions are what we are going to see right now. Take note that we begin …

Furniture Shelves to Divide Spaces

10 Ideas To Separate The Bedroom in A House Without Interior Walls

Use Furniture as Room Dividers. In Addition to the fact that we will need them to put the TV, such as shelves, etc., if we choose the right furniture we can use it as a room divider and give a little more privacy to the Bedroom.

Wood Panels to Separate The Bedroom

In their holes, we can close them completely when putting boxes or baskets, or leave them semi-open, when putting books and others.

We can privatize the bedroom as much as we want.

Let’s continue with more ideas.

Wood Panels to Separate The Bedroom from The Living Room

Lattices to Divide Environments

Separate the bedroom with hanging wood paneling.

This option is one of the best solutions since it isolates the bedroom very well from the rest of the house but without breaking the loft-like aesthetic, and without reloading the space.

In addition, we can make the wood panels as thick as we want, leaving more or less privacy in the bedroom area, separated from the living room.

Lattices to Divide Environments

Curtains to Separate The Bedroom

Separate the bedroom with a nice lattice. We can raise a lattice to give the bedroom a bit of privacy. Due to a large number of different designs available, we are sure to find one that fits our decorative demands.

There are openwork panels, masonry lattices, these panels that are very easy to install that we can buy on Etsy, custom MDF panels … Lattices offer us a wide range of possibilities to separate the bedroom, in addition to adding decoration.

Curtains to Separate The Bedroom from The Living Room

Curtains to Separate The Bedroom

Another option that we can use to separate the bedroom from the rest of the house is with curtains. They may well be Japanese panels or traditional curtains, it all depends on our tastes and the decorative style that dominates the house. But this option is simple and effective.

Let’s see more ideas.

Interior Glass Enclosures

Interior Glass Enclosures

As I said before, if we raise a partition around the bedroom and close it with a door, the loft-style is lost, but we can close the bedroom by means of an interior glass enclosure, with metal panels, so in vogue today. This provides us with the same privacy as a normal brick wall but without breaking the aesthetics of the home.



It may well be a planter like the one we see above these lines, from IKEA, or any other element that has a vertical structure that serves for something else and we can use it indoors to separate the bedroom from the living room.

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Clothing Donkeys

Clothing Donkeys

It is not a definitive solution, but it is a solution.

These elements are mobile, so you can have them removable, and have clothes more at hand than ever by having an open closet or part of it.

It is true that it is not a solution that I would recommend in the long run, but to get out of trouble, but it works well to divide the spaces.

Let’s keep going.



One of the most traditional and time-consuming solutions to separate rooms. There must be a reason.

They are decorative, available in countless designs, removable, inexpensive, and provide privacy.

Folding Sliding Doors to Divide The Bedroom

Folding Sliding Doors to Divide The Bedroom

This solution is more definitive and totally practical.

If we install a folding sliding door system on some fittings on the ceiling, we can completely separate and give each space its total privacy.

And, whenever we want, open them so that the entire space can communicate.

Naturally, this requires the hands of a professional. But as a solution, one of the best.

In addition, the doors can be of very different designs, achieving an aesthetic that favors the general design of the apartment.

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